VLA 20160409

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This observation was made in C configuration (max baseline length 3 km) with the full array (27 antennas) in L band (1-2 GHz), with 2 MHz frequency resolution and 50 ms time resolution. The observation was coordinated with Hinode and IRIS (HOP 297).

List of Events/Features

Time Feature Event AIA Movie Movie RHESSI Quicklook Images Comments
18:43-18:46 Cluster of bursts with a peak of 1.30 GHz C1.1@18:44 [1] File:184450.gif No File:1843_1846.png
19:06-19:10 Small frequency drift at 1.2 GHz B1.2@19:07 [2] File:190703.gif No File:1906_1910.png
19:17-19:21 Low frequency cluster B1.2@19:17 [3] File:191718.gif No File:1917_1921.png
19:39-19:43 Possible low frequency drift B1.1@19:41 [4] File:194100.gif No File:1939_1943.png