Owen's Valley Solar Array Software Setup
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Windows (95/98/NT4.0)
The OVSA software was originally written in the Windows environment, and although we are currently working to remove any operating system dependencies, fewer problems are likely to be found in the Windows environment than in UNIX environments.  To set up the OVSA software under Windows, follow all of the steps in HESSI Solar Software Installation for Windows 95/98/NT, by Merrick Berg.  You will need to install Perl, and if running Windows95 you also need the DCOM package described there.  At the instrument selection step, select the Radio Observatories: OVSA check box.  Currently you do not need to select HESSI, or any of the X-ray packages for the OVSA software to run.  Only the IDL Gen subroutines are needed, and those are included by default.  This may change as new routines are added, however.

After the installation is complete, you must change the line in %SSW%\site\setup\sswidl.bat that defines the personal setup, to read

set SSW_PERSONAL_STARTUP=%SSW%\radio\ovsa\idl\init\init.pro
in addition to the changes described in the HESSI Solar Software Installation for Windows 95/98/NT documentation.
This documentation still under development.
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