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EOVSA data products are open to all scientists and the general public. Although we have an open data policy, the continued availability of EOVSA data relies on the proper acknowledgment of data and personnel support by its users. Guidelines for EOVSA data usage and publication policy are as follows:

Contacting EOVSA team

While EOVSA has an open data use policy (i.e., prior permission to access and analyze the data is not required), the data can be subject to limitations that are not immediately evident to users, and at times, the analysis and interpretation of the data involve more in-depth processing. Therefore, we encourage EOVSA data users to contact the EOVSA PIs (Dale Gary and Bin Chen) with a short description of your study and the data products that you intend to use. Contacting the PIs near the start of your project will allow us to:

  • Direct you to EOVSA team member(s) who can offer assistance in processing and/or interpreting the data.
  • Alert you of any instrumental effects that could possibly result in misinterpretation of EOVSA data products.

We request that EOVSA data users provide the EOVSA PIs with a link to a copy of any papers that include EOVSA data, on submission and again on publication.

Acknowledgment, Citation, and Authorship

All publications that use EOVSA data should include a statement in the Acknowledgments section as follows: "The Expanded Owens Valley Solar Array (EOVSA) was designed, built, and is now operated by the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) as a community facility. EOVSA operations are supported by NSF grant AGS-2130832 and NASA grant 80NSSC20K0026 to NJIT." Because these grant numbers change from time to time, please check back to this page for updates.

For all publications that use EOVSA data, authors are asked to:

  • Send a link to a copy of the paper to the EOVSA PIs Dale Gary and Bin Chen to keep a record of EOVSA publications.
  • Cite the EOVSA first result paper Gary et al. 2018, “Microwave and Hard X-Ray Observations of the 2017 September 10 Solar Limb Flare,” ApJ, 863, 83 (DOI; NASA/SAO ADS). [An EOVSA instrument paper and a pipeline processing paper are being prepared, which will be updated on this page.]

Additionally, for publications that involve more advanced data processing aided by EOVSA team member(s) or use special observing modes:

  • Include EOVSA team member(s) in the author list who a) helped process/interpret the data and/or b) helped plan the observations. The authors are encouraged to check with the EOVSA PIs for authorship suggestions.