Legacy Owens Valley Solar Array

The Owens Valley Solar Array (OVSA) has been decommissioned for the expansion project. This page describes the old instrument, prior to the expansion. At the time of decommissioning, it consisted of two large, 27-m antennas and five small 2-m antennas. Each was equipped with broadband log-periodic feeds capable of receiving 1-18 GHz RF, feeding low-noise, room-temperature, broadband FET pre-amplifiers. The receivers could tune to any harmonic of 200 MHz in the range 1-18 GHz, and acquire phase lock in less than 20 ms. The system recorded either left- and right-circular polarized radiation, using a switched polarization scheme.

Figure 1: The array configuration of OVSA. The numbers indicate station locations. Those that are unoccupied are indicated by gray squares while occupied sites are shown as black circles. The 27-m antennas are at sites 13 and 17, while the current 2-m antennas are at sites 2, 4, 7, 18 and 19.


Figure 2: Radio Data from OVSA and an X-ray image from the HXT onboard Yohkoh showing the morphology of a typical radio burst. The color contours show the location of radio emission at 10.7 GHz and 17.0 GHz and also the 14-23 keV and 23-33 keV emission.

New Jersey Institute of Technology